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photo of Top College Budgeting Apps for Students

Top College Budgeting Apps for Students


College is expensive, so saving and sticking to a budget is crucial. Being broke at the end of the month and eating noodles and ketchup for a week is never fun. Since it's been common knowledge that college students should construct their budgets, budgeting applications for students make it easier than ever. This article discusses why college students should budget and the top budgeting applications for college students.

Why College Students Need Budgeting Apps

Learning to budget is a lifelong skill, but it's essential when you're broke in college. A budget helps you manage your money and avoid financial hardship. A budget helps with time management, organization, and prioritization.

Students used to budget via notebooks, Excel sheets, and bank apps, but now there are several helpful budgeting apps for college careers. Each has merits and cons. Some are free, and most offer free versions. Syncing with bank accounts and automatically tracking expenses and payments are further benefits. Most budgeting apps provide robust security, but that depends on how you use it.

Top 10 College Student Budgeting Apps

‍Mint: Mint was the first college budgeting app. It's one of the best, long-running, and free (with advertisements). Mint lets you establish categories for rent, food, textbooks, and other needs. Syncing your bank accounts with the app updates these categories with your expenditure and alerts you if you're off target. It also monitors your bills and sends reminders.

Wally: Without connecting your bank account, Wally is an excellent college student budget software. This requires manual expense entry, but it's worth it for security. It lets you see your budget and adjust based on priorities. One of the most excellent college apps, it works in almost all foreign currencies, making it ideal for international and college students in other countries.

Simple: Simple is another college student budget program that syncs with your bank account, but it's more of a banking platform with budgeting tools. If you're over budget, simple automatic warnings and advice to cut back on a category are significant. Simple simplifies storing your banking information if you do a lot.

Chip: Chip offers free savings goals, expenditure analysis, and saving streaks when you connect your bank account, in addition to budgeting software features like category creation and automated tracking. Since this app focuses on savings, it may be an excellent choice for salaried workers. The loyalty program is great; referring friends earns you 1% interest on app savings. Chip can only connect to specific bank accounts, so make sure yours is listed.

PocketGuard: For maximum savings, PocketGuard is one of the finest student budgeting applications. After you attach it to your bank account, it automatically tracks your income and spending in several categories and suggests ways to save. Its “In My Pocket” feature estimates your daily budget and cautions you against huge out-of-reach expenditures. While more manageable to set up and use than other budgeting programs, it's less configurable.

Good budget: Another excellent software for budgeting without connecting your bank account is Goodbudget. You deposit money into digital envelopes for rent, food, drink, etc. each month. When the money runs out, you can't add more until the next month. This makes it an excellent program for stringent financial control, yet it works on honor because you input the information yourself. The fact that you can use the app on many devices makes it ideal for couples with split costs or for keeping yourself accountable by sharing the account with a friend. It also offers a debt tracker to help you manage and pay off your debt.

Check: Check is an excellent place to start slowly with financial organizing software. It tracks payments and bills to avoid lateness. It links to your bank accounts and ensures timely payments. It is one of the top college student applications because you can pay bills and manage finances from it.

Digit: Digit is a significant savings app. Like many other apps, it syncs with bank accounts and tracks costs automatically. It analyzes your expenditures, suggests ways to save, and gives you an interest-bearing savings account. Additional deposits are automatically deposited to your savings account, but you can withdraw money for free anytime. Digit costs $5 a month after a 30-day trial.

Dollarbird: Dollarbird offers a unique savings method. It estimates your daily spending after entering rent, utilities, and phone bills. Dollarbird highlights repeated transactions and saves you money on everyday expenditures. It's one of the most accessible applications because it estimates your income and spending and lets you decide how to spend extra money.

YNAB: You Need A Budget (YNAB) is a top software for college students. We put it last because we wanted to save the best for last and since it's the most expensive. Starting in December, the monthly payment plan will cost $14.99, and the yearly plan will cost $98.99. However, students receive a year free if they can verify they are in college! YNAB is a complete budgeting app. It values every dollar using zero-based budgeting. This makes you plan your spending and saving. It also offers money-saving strategies and hundreds of online workshops on fiscal responsibility.

Important Considerations

Budgeting is a crucial skill for college. Therefore, these tools are necessary. Each application is different, so review them to choose the ideal one for you. All of these have free trials so that you may try them out. Using expensive apps to save money may seem counterproductive, but using them regularly will make you more financially responsible. Finally, it depends on how you want to handle your money and how much time you have to budget. College can be hectic with many tasks, and for that, we provide a do my course service for students who wonder if someone can take my course for me. This article should help you identify the top college budgeting apps.

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