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The 5 best cities in New Zealand for students

One of the top places in the world to pursue higher education is New Zealand. Just like that. It has a stunning landscape, a blend of hip, cultural cities, breathtaking mountain ranges, lush woods, and golden beaches. There are many top-notch universities with affordable tuition there, and everyone is quite kind. You may send your time to pay someone to take my online class.


Although Wellington appears to be the capital of New Zealand, its population of 200,000 is actually quite modest by international standards. However, it has a lot to offer in terms of personality, culture, and beauty.

The harbor, certain beaches, and the lush hills that serve as the city's backdrop are all close to the core business sector.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Mount Victoria is nearby, the botanical gardens are beautiful and easily accessible by cable car, and the city itself is a refuge for hip young people with a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars to hang out in.

The Victoria University of Wellington is one excellent incentive to attend school in Wellington. It is ranked in the top 1% of institutions worldwide in 19 subject areas, and 20% of all students are from other countries.

Oh, and it's situated on a stunning hilltop with city views next to the botanical gardens, which might rank it one of the most magnificent campuses in the entire world.


Overview: Auckland is undoubtedly New Zealand's biggest and sexiest metropolis, with 1.6 million citizens.

The striking Sky Tower proudly dominates Auckland's core business center, giving the city one of the most distinctive skylines in the entire globe. If you want a real thrill, you can even bungee leap from the top of the 60-story tower!

However, in addition to being a sizable and "vibrant" city, it also has two harbors, is close to Takapuna Beach, and is surrounded by the Waitakere Mountain Range. What's not to love about a city with beaches and mountains?

There are five prestigious universities in Auckland, which is a wonderful reason to study there. Actually, there are five reasons to study in Auckland, but let's be a little dishonest about it. With approximately 40,000 students, The University of Auckland is both the most respected and the largest, and you may offer to take my exams for me.


Overview: Hamilton, New Zealand's north island's magnificent Waikato region, is home to the world-famous Hamilton Gardens, a lush botanical haven that meanders beside the Waikato River.

Mount Maunganui, which descends down to sandy beaches, is not far from town (which never seems far away from cities in New Zealand).

Fans of the Lord of the Rings can travel just an hour away to "Hobbiton," which has remained mostly unaltered since the blockbuster movies were shot here. However, it's not all blooms and trees since Victoria Street is home to vibrant nightlife. The 25,000-seat Waikato Stadium, which frequently hosts international rugby and cricket matches, will appeal to sports lovers.

The University of Waikato is a fantastic choice for international students, which is one excellent benefit of attending school in Hamilton. It supports a "buddy system" whereby international students are linked with local guides to show them about and also allows them to perform homestays with local families to aid in their integration.

The University of Waikato has earned the title of the friendliest university in New Zealand thanks to all of this, as well as the small class numbers and close-knit community!


Overview: Christchurch is referred described as The Garden City because of its parks, green areas, and beaches where locals may unwind, walk (or surf), and breathe fresh air. With little under 400,000 residents, it is a sizable city by New Zealand standards, but it has a cozy village vibe.

In addition, it is renowned for being flat, which makes it ideal for biking and strolling - a welcome break from Auckland and Wellington's hills and mountains. Christchurch also has a highly distinctive appearance because its contemporary architecture is significantly more English and gothic in design.

But street art is also prevalent in Christchurch, to the point where the Canterbury Museum is home to the greatest collection of the world's most well-known street artist, Banksy. The University of Canterbury, the second-oldest university in New Zealand, has a stellar reputation for natural sciences, including biology, ecology, and geology. This is just one wonderful reason to attend school in Christchurch. Essentially all -ologies!

Therefore, if you enjoy science, it might be the right location for you. Additionally, the campus is a reflection of the city as a whole, with many parks and lawns nearby to help you reconnect with nature after a day of lectures.


Overview: Dunedin is referred to as "The Edinburgh of New Zealand." Right, that does seem a little strange. Well, a lot of its renowned architectural legacy was influenced by Scotland! You know, a lot of Scots immigrated here in the 19th century, and they soon started to influence the city's layout.

A photographer's paradise, there are several beautiful museums and historic homes. A vibrant social scene and a lot of street art add a modern edge, nevertheless. There is a beach because it is on the coast, like practically every major city in New Zealand. It's quite wonderful that the shoreline is home to a ton of species, such as albatrosses, penguins, and sea lions.

Last but not least, Dunedin has a rich literary history—so rich that in 2014 UNESCO designated it a Creative City of Literature. Hone Tuwhare, a former poet laureate, Charles Bracken, and Thomas Bracken, who created the national song, are all natives of Dunedin.

In keeping with the theme of literature, let's mention the University of Otago as one excellent incentive to attend college in Dunedin. The book lovers among you will have a field day because it has SIX libraries!

Additionally, there are 15 residential communities with student housing, some of which are in stunning ancient heritage buildings and some of which are specifically for international students.

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